When choosing a sticker printing service, several things to look for. These include quality, turnaround time, and material selection. Here are some tips to make the process as simple as possible:

Ariel Printing sticker printing AdelaideMaterial selection

While you have many choices for sticker printing materials, there are some things you should know about the different types of stickers. For example, you can choose a sticker printed on standard white matte paper for its low price. Though it’s not weatherproof, this type of sticker is an excellent choice if you’re printing vibrant colours on it. And, it’s versatile enough to be printed on both inkjet and laser printers.

When choosing the material for your sticker printing, you should never forget that different types of stickers have other properties. Different kinds of paper and inks will help protect your printed design in different conditions. It’s best to consult a checklist to see what types of paper are available. Stickers can be printed on both vinyl and regular paper. Vinyl is best suited for solid colour designs, while standard stickers are made of coloured paper.

Turnaround time

A printing company is a good option when you need a quick turnaround time on your custom sticker printing. Their sticker printing services offer custom designs and vibrant colours. However, their turnaround time is not guaranteed, and it depends on several factors, including the size of your project and whether it requires outdoor or indoor use. If you’re considering sticker printing for your business, understand their file preparation instructions and turnaround time. In addition, you should know that sticker printing services are not intended for long-term outdoor use.

The turnaround time is calculated at 3:00 pm Pacific Time and ends at 5 pm Pacific Time. It means that an order placed on Tuesday will be shipped on Thursday. Orders placed on a Saturday or Sunday will not be processed until Monday, so you may want to allow a few extra business days. Turnaround times also do not include mailing transit time, so consider these factors when calculating your sticker printing service. You should also think if your job is time-sensitive.


A good quality sticker printing company will help you create attractive stickers to advertise your business. There are many benefits to using stickers. First, they are effective communication tools because they adhere to certain surfaces and attract customers. Moreover, these stickers allow you to build lasting relationships with your customers and attract new ones. Every business can benefit from stickers. So, you should get your sticker printing services as soon as possible. Listed below are some of these benefits.

Various types of materials are available in sticker printing. You can ask the company about their materials or choose the material yourself. The printing experts will help you specify the size and shape of your stickers to fit your purpose perfectly. After all, stickers serve many different purposes. So, if you have a unique idea for a sticker, a high-quality printing company can fulfil all your needs. Learn more from Ariel Printing sticker printing Adelaide.


When looking for a printing company, consider the types of stickers you need. If you’re launching a new product, stickers can be used for product packaging name tags and mailing labels. Some companies also offer guerilla marketing through stickers. Sticker materials vary in price and quality depending on the application. Stickers can be printed on paper, vinyl, BOPP, vellum, and even metallic materials. The materials used for sticker printing should be durable enough for the purpose for which they are intended.

Choose high-quality materials if you want your stickers to be unique and memorable. Custom stickers are a great way to market your product or service and attract new customers. You can also include custom designs to attract new clients and expand your business. If you want your stickers to have a personalised feel, consider choosing a matte, glossy, UV-coated finish or a unique shape. Stickers are a perfect marketing tool, and many companies use them for other purposes. They’re helpful for everything from mass mailings to user-friendly archiving solutions. Learn more from Ariel Printing sticker printing Adelaide.


How to Choose a Sticker Printing Service